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Wish Upon a Star: Cast

So here are the Player characters for the Mage RPG. 

Esemerelda (Lillian Hugo), played by misslattie133

Path: Mastigos

Order: Guardians of the Veil

Virtue: Charity -  Vice: Wrath

Before she Awakened, Lillian worked in her uncle’s bar in Downtown Orlando with her twin brother, and attended classes at the local community college. She’s helpful and caring to the bar’s many lovable patrons, but doesn’t hesitate to smack the obnoxious drunks upside the head and kick them out.

However, after a fateful car crash, she awakened to Pandemonium with her brother and returned a Mastigos. It was V, a Guardian of the Veil who found her near death among the wreckage of her brother’s car. Her brother however, has disappeared. She took the Shadow name Esmerelda, after the disney and novel character, and is currently working towards joining her mentor’s Order, the Guardians of the Veil. 

Ahaz (Lexi Statton), played by roseschoice 

Path: Acanthus

Order: Adamantine Arrow

Virtue: Fortitude - Vice: Gluttony 

Lexi felt her life was going nowhere. An addiction to painkillers led her to drop out of college, and spend most of her days entertaining children dressed as Minnie Mouse trying to get obese children to laugh. One hot summer day, with the temperature reaching the hundreds and the fan in her Minnie suit busted, she fainted from heat exhaustion. It was then she Awoke to Arcadia, viewing a warped Disney World inhabited by fae pushing her to follow the road to “the tower”. She followed their advice, climbing the tower, and at the top became a Mage. She awoke to a janitor who promptly told her she was a Mage and introduced her to a new life. (Yer’ a wizard Harry!)

Months later, she took the Shadow name, Ahaz, naming herself after a biblical sundial. She’s been taken under the wing of the powerful Adamantine Arrow Councilor and Adamant Sage of Orlando, Ku, who is grooming her for a position in the Order. Despite her continuing struggle with addiction, she’s a prodigy, becoming a Disciple of Time in less than a year. Her Awakening has allowed her a new chance at life, will she be successful this time, or will her addiction and other vices lead her to a lackluster life once again?

Ignus (Thomas Finney), played by Matt

Path: Obrimos

Order: Adamantine Arrow

Virtue: Fortitude - Vice: Greed

Thomas grew up admiring his father, a brave police officer from a proud Irish-American family. He knew from a young age he wanted to follow in his footsteps and join the force. He awakened as a rookie cop to the Aether, returning from that angelic realm as an Obrimos. Early on, the Arrow’s philosophy of personal spiritual development resonated with Thomas, and is mentored by an Arrow exile from Tampa named Maritus. During his apprenticeship, he bonded with a spirit familiar of chaos inhabiting a snake he has now taken as a pet. Ignus desires to continue studying the Spirit Arcanum to develop his relationship with the familiar, and to use magic to become the best magical crime fighting police officer he can be. (And as of our first session, he comes across as a sort of prideful asshole. He is the one character most wrapped up in his mundane life.) 

Zero (Lucas Brown), played by trustintent 

Path: Thrysus

Order: Free Council 

Virtue: Justice - Vice: Sloth 

Lucas grew up in Miami, the youngest of a mixed-South American family. After High School he moved to Tampa and became a life guard on the Gulf Coast. He awakened to a flooded Primal Wild after trying to save someone from drowning in the ocean (The person later seems to have never existed). He came back to the Fallen World with a mysterious tattoo that no one could explain. His mentor, Genesis of the Free Council found him and set him up with an apartment in Orlando. However, he has secret that has the mage community all abuzz. What happens if the wrong person finds out? 

Those are the characters, next up is our first session.

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